Whatever you are not changing, You are choosing

I have always liked this quote because not only is it true, but I think it can be quite a revelation for many. Realising that by not taking action to make changes to improve our lives, then by default, we are choosing those things we don’t want.

Take a few minutes and think about what in your life is not serving you anymore (people, things, hobbies, jobs etc), or that is keeping you in a place of discomfort or even suffering. Once you identify something or some things, ask yourself some quality questions such as:
“Why am I not taking action to change this?”
“What action do I need to take to make a change?”

Notice any fears, doubts, pains, judgments (to name a few undesirable feelings) that come up for you.

This basic exercise will help you to become mindful of your behvaiours and some of the reasons contributing to you not making changes.