Improve Physical Health

  • Lose weight and increase energy
  • Improve your physical health
  • Naturally choose better food
  • Break physical habits to food & substances
Lose weight and increase energy

Have you struggled to lose weight, find the motivation to lose weight or find you keep putting weight back on yet not sure why? Often the reason is due to some deep belief you hold within your subconscious mind.
It could be that you sabotage yourself due to a myriad of reasons;

  • self esteem issues
  • not feeling attractive
  • hopelessness
  • pessimism
  • thinking its too hard
  • justification that you are happy being overweight (when you aren’t)
  • habits you go back to

These are some reasons, and through working with me, we will trace back to the core of your beliefs and why you aren’t achieving or maintaining the results you desire.


Improve your physical health

Do you want to improve your physical health and fitness yet always put off exercise? Do you find reasons and excuses why you will start tomorrow? The reasons you do this may not be the reasons why you think you do this.

Saying you are too busy to exercise is not the reason you aren’t taking action. Anything you value you will make time for in your life. When you come up with excuses, often they are to hide a deeper reason that you will unlikely be aware of yourself until the reason is brought to the surface of your conscious mind.

Together we can set some goals then find and replace the obstacles within your own mind that hold you back from good physical health.

Naturally choose better food

Are you finding you choose a poor diet, junk foods, microwave fast foods, eating out at unhealthy chain restaurants regularly? You may have addictions to certain foods, habits of always snacking.

Somewhere in your life you have adopted decisions to eat this way, perhaps you are used to this as you grew up this way, perhaps something traumatic happened and you turned to foods for comfort.

Whatever the reason, if you are not happy with where you are at then this can be changed. Together we can set realistic goals and remove the obstacles within your mind holding you back.

Break physical habits to food & substances

Habits and substance abuse is challenging for many people. There is the physiological aspect to addictions, but beyond that there is a reason or series of reasons you have made the choice to adopt unhealthy habits and addictions into your life. It is often something people are not aware of why they do what they do.

Many reasons people abuse food and substances is as a form of escaping from their lives, or ultimately from themselves. It is painful to face traumas and hurts in life and many people find it too overwhelming to even attempt.

If you have the will and desire to do what it takes you can overcome this destructive and limiting burden upon your life.

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