Self-Sabotaging (Relationship) Workshop

Have you noticed in your life repeating patterns in the relationships you have with others? It may be with friends, but more noticeably is the intimate romantic relationships where you self-sabotage healthy good relations with others. If you have noticed this pattern do you know why you do it, even if consciously you don’t want to? In this workshop, the aim is to understand the root causes, identify your patterns then release them from your life. (…coming soon)

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Do you find you jump from one relationship to another?

Do you notice you ruin a good relationship with someone that has a healthy mind, is supportive of you, offers love and support?

Why do you do this?

Even if you consciously are aware you are doing it but still behave in ways to ruin your relations, do you really know why?
Are you too scared to get close to another? Scared to love? Don’t trust people who say they love you thinking they have an agenda? Don’t think you are lovable?

A pattern of jumping from one relationship to another so you either don’t get too close to another or don’t allow others to get too close to you, or keeping only superficial relationships based on just lust when in reality you want something deeper, a real connection and to feel love, feel worthy of love, is only causing you further pain as you destroy the very people that could have given you what you desire and deserve.

Truth is you are deserving of a healthy balanced life with healthy loving relationships.

In this workshop I will show you how to find the root cause of your self-sabotaging behaviours then teach how remove the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that keep you in this destructive cycle.

(…coming soon)