Book The Way Out is Through the Way In


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How much of your life do you feel you have control over? What about your thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions, and the world around you? Have you ever felt out of control or unable to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling, and peaceful life?

For nearly twenty-five years, author, Andrew Espie-Whitburn experienced mental problems of varying degrees—a lack of inner peace, PTSD, anxiety, depression, mania, and even paranoia. After finally becoming fed up with his own suffering, Espie-Whitburn embarked upon a journey to cure himself of his mental problems, maladies, and disorders through numerous therapies, self-study, and rigorous practice. Today, Espie-Whitburn is living his best life, not without problems, but with numerous tools in place to maintain inner-peace, free of mental disease and disorders. In, The Way Out is Through the Way In, Espie-Whitburn provides you with a template to find inner peace so you can live a happy and fulfilling life and become your best self.

This book is all about developing and maintaining a balanced and peaceful mind. Topics include physical exercise, willpower, meditation, forgiveness, gratitude, eliminating self-limiting beliefs and more. Author, Andrew Espie-Whitburn, offers more than theory; he provides numerous tools, tips, and techniques which you can then practically apply to your life.

The Way Out is Through the Way In is a reboot in your thinking and way of being. It’s an aligning of priorities, goals, and commitments for mastering your mind so you can have success today… and every day. Pick up a copy and find peace of mind and fulfillment—today!