Mental wellness is an ongoing process, not just a destination.

It is Monday morning in Australia at time of writing this post, and I want to remind those of you experiencing mental health issues that wellness is a process. It is something we build upon by making choices and actions, no matter how small towards cultivating more mental peace.
I know from personal experience that sometimes reading or hearing words such as I have written when I was not in good mental health, to seem like just words, and I thought that it didn’t apply to me. I know it seems that way, especially when we ultimately want immediate results.
The way I describe a basic understanding of as aspect of mind is to think about a cup of coffee or tea. If I add milk and start to stir the drink in a clockwise direction fast, then decide to start stirring the drink counter-clockwise, it takes time to change the momentum from one direction to the other.
Your thoughts and feelings are the same. For many it has been years, even decades of this momentum, so it takes some time for the new direction to work. The old direction takes time to lessen its momentum before the new can establish.
A simple choice could be that you decide to make a small change in your daily life, anything that will either boost your mood, or decide to stop doing something you know isn’t helping you.
An example would be that if you are experiencing depression, then avoid listening to music that is sad / melancholic. If your experiencing high anxiety then avoid watching the news for a few days to a week as many people’s anxiety comes from the news.
Whatever it is you decide, no matter how small is helping to start slowly change your mind.

Even a healthy mind must keep vigilant towards minimising and removing anything that can bring the mind downward. In this way you may understand that a healthy mental state is not something you achieve then just let anything happen. It is indeed something that is cultivated and maintained over our lives.

Working with me, together we will work towards finding the personal solutions to the blocks that are keeping you feeling as you do.
Please contact me for more information on how I can assist you in your wellness.