I Can Help You In Different Situations

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Improve Mental Health

  • Eliminate stress, worry and anxiety
  • Improve and balance low/elevated moods
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
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Improve Physical Health

  • Lose weight and increase energy
  • Improve your physical health
  • Naturally choose better food
  • Break physical habits to food & substances
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why you are not living the life you want

What holds you back in life essentially has little to do with anything outside of yourself. It is not due to lack of money, where you live, your education level, gender, race, etc……it is actually primarily yourself that is the block to the life you desire. This is not to blame you in any way, every person across the world is in the same position, it is the state of our minds, our constant thoughts and programmed beliefs that can hold us back.

If this is the first time you have heard that it is your own thinking that is the issue. you may perhaps have doubts about this. The truth is that it is your current beliefs about yourself and life is the only obstacle that will stop you from achieving peace, joy, fulfillment and success in any area of life.

The reason is because over the entirety of your life you had experiences that have shaped the beliefs you hold about yourself and everything else. These beliefs, are actually programs that are running in the deep unconscious levels of your sub conscious mind.

We all have many beliefs (programs) learned and formed over time, and any limiting beliefs can be and must be removed as they are the actual obstacle to achieving anything in life.

If you see repeat undesirable patterns in your life these will be due to the beliefs you hold in your mind.  For instance, if you always meet intimate partners that mistreat you the same way as every partner before, it is a clear sign there are beliefs you have about relationships that will keep attracting the same people until the beliefs are changed, whether you are aware of them or not.
Some people grow up with a parent that is alcoholic that was abusive, and then continue into their adult life to attract partners just like the parent.
On a conscious level you may say you do not want this type of relationship, but on a sub-conscious level the beliefs you hold tie into many potential patterns to keep re-creating the same experiences as they are familiar to your mind and its programmed beliefs.

This can be changed and must be reversed for overcoming undesirable experiences in life, and together, we can get to the core issues and replace your programs to renew your mind and transforming your life.

how are results achieved

As a general overview, working with me incorporates guidance, coaching and education with practices and exercises for you to implement into your daily life. Together we will unravel deep seated and unconscious beliefs you have about yourself and life that hold you back from achieving the fulfilling and inspired life you deserve.

Sessions include coaching where together we develop:

  • personalised action plan for achieving agreed outcomes
  • practices and exercises for you to implement daily
  • training in advanced release technique to reprogram your own negative thoughts and achieve positive transformation of your life