How I healed from bi-polar disorder

It has been almost 4 years since I have had no symptoms or even taken any psychiatric medications for bi-polar. I for most of my life from the age of 13 suffered greatly at the hands of all of the well known characteristics of this diagnosis. Depression was certainly the most challenging aspect for most of the time I experienced bi-polar, yet I have truly overcome it after i decided to take action in my own life outside of all the other advice I had received over the years from various medical professionals, even as well intentioned as they were.

I took all the various drugs, had lots of side effects, became very fat as a result (105kg at my heaviest, and I have lost all the weight again now around 75kg) which in itself helped a lot for both body and mind.

After over a decade of taking drugs, I had some improvement at points, but overall I was not getting better, actually I was becoming worse ~ clearly these method of psychiatric therapy was not working.

I decided to take it upon myself to find the solution. I really wanted my life to be free of suffering, and that is what I have achieved. I have really gone past that goal of being free from suffering, to incredible self confidence, resilience, peace, fulfillment and overall contentment in life, which during the 2020 pandemic was apparent as my old self I honestly don’t think would have made it through.

So how did I accomplish this you may be asking? Firstly I believed with determination I would find a way, that I would be free of this anguish. Of course belief itself was not the answer in itself, but if you don’t even think it’s possible then you have already set yourself up for failure.

I began to study methods to find peace in the mind, and I started through reading philosophies of all kinds. That was the start and I did find some pieces of wisdom in studying in the one area. From there I started to learn all I could about the mind, which I discovered is not the same as the brain. That is one aspect I realised looking back with my experience of psychiatry, it gave drugs to deal with the brain on a chemical level, but that was only to make you feel better, not actually get better. I was told about chemical imbalances in the brain causing my issues, and I believed that must have been the cause as I was told by the medical experts, but that is complete falsehood.
A simple Google search will show you that it was merely a hypothesis, and that notion is being moved away from as the root cause. So then what causes the problems? It is what is going on inside of us, deep negative emotions as a result of negative self talk and programmed beliefs we have about ourselves buried deep within the sub-conscious parts of our mind.

I discovered this aspect by accident initially when I would sit for long periods of time with eyes closed and focus my attention within. I would ask myself quality questions about why I was thinking and feeling as I did, I kept probing my mind as I knew that if there were problems in my life, then it was i above everyone else that would also have the solutions.

This is only one aspect, over time I learned a great deal through trial and error about understanding myself and the root causes of my problems. Essentially what I learned overall towards mental wellness is that it is a holistic approach, that is all areas and aspects of your life must be addressed to become better.
It is not beneficial to work towards a healthier mind one session per week with a therapist then spend the rest of the week doing things that are totally counter to good mental health. As an example if someone wants to lose weight and goes to the gym 1 hour a week, yet then eats 2 blocks of chocolate a day, drinks 2 litres of soda a day, eats junk food daily then they are working against themselves towards their own goal…things are not going to improve.

During 2020 I wrote a book to detail key areas each person should address towards cultivating better mental health. This is the 19 Chapters of the book to give you an idea of some of the topics. I know some Chapter names may seem a little unusual and even perplexing at first glance before delving into the content.

Chapter 1 – Society’s Effect on the Mind   11

Chapter 2 – Energy  21

Chapter 3 – The Mind   29

Chapter 4 – Environment 56

Chapter 5 – Food   63

Chapter 6 – Thought Diet 69

Chapter 7 – Physical Exercise  74

Chapter 8 – The Will 77

Chapter 9 – Self Belief / False Belief  84

Chapter 10 – Past – Present – Future  87

Chapter 11 – Silence  93

Chapter 12 – Know thy self  100

Chapter 13 – Forgiveness  109

Chapter 14 – Gratitude  114

Chapter 15 – Truth   118

Chapter 16 – Focus  121

Chapter 17 – Meditation   125

Chapter 18 – Changing the Mind   131

Chapter 19 – Final Words  140

I really believe in everyones ability to overcome many mental health issues related to mood. It is not an easy task and required commitment, it also is not similar at al to a fad diet where you take this information on board and do it for 30 days and thats it. You literally have to change your life to a better version of yourself and this requires the initial challenges of breaking free from old habits and routines which is a challenge for everyone.
The reason is the current you, or what you want to be the old you will be different, and this is a good thing not something to be afraid of. The great psychologist of the last century Carl Jung said we don’t solve our problems we outgrow them. And this is very true in relation to the current you that has all the problems, you are not trying to change a few thoughts and feelings, you are literally moving towards creating a new better version of yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Book can be purchased as eBook or Paperback from Amazon.
Titled: “The Way Out is Through The Way In”