Who I am & How I Can Help

Hello, my name is Andrew Espie-Whitburn and I am a Wellness Life Coach.

You will likely have some questions about exactly who I am and how I may be able to assist you.

My Story:

Over a large portion of my life I experienced and suffered from anxiety, depression, mania and paranoia. I was diagnosed firstly as bi-polar, then later as schizo-affective. I sought treatment over many years from G.P’s, a counselor, psychologists and mainly psychiatrists including taking many toxic and harmful psychiatric medications.
I became very overweight from the medications (105kg), and my mental health was not improving, I was in fact getting worse even with the changes of medications.
I knew I needed to find a solution that was outside of what I had already tried, and with that mindset of finding a way to end my inner mental turmoil I read and studied all I could on the mind, and I experimented with methods and techniques to overcome my anguish.
I am pleased to say I have indeed achieved this goal. I have no symptoms at all and have taken no medications for years either. This is when I realised I had in fact found a method towards cultivating a new mind therefore eliminating all previous symptoms.

My personal experience is valuable in itself, and over time I have undertaken further formal studies so I can offer you the greatest transformational results.

Beyond improving my mind back to full health, I also reflected on all aspects of both my personal & professional life I had not been happy with. I noticed repeat patterns in my life I did not desire to continually experience, and as a part of my studies, knowledge and application of techniques related to mind I was able to remove all blocks to obtain what I desired in life. I learned in reality it is only ourselves that is the hurdle in the life we desire, and that requires working on the inside so that the outer world becomes a reflection of this new state of being.

Can I achieve the same results?

The path to better mental health is something that takes dedication, real effort and action. It is a challenging path but I can work with you as your guide, mentor, coach (something I did not have during my transformation).
Due to the effort required I need to manage your expectations about your potential results. Essentially your growth towards establishing a renewed mind is up to you. This is another reason I do not work with all potential clients as my coaching is not suited to everyone.


Adv. Life Coaching Certification Diploma (APMA)
Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc (UOM)
Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, M.Msc (Almost Completed)

Happy Clients About Me


I was afraid to switch my job to something different. Now I feel that this was the best decision I ever made. Do not be afraid to act!

Sandra Walsh25 years

It was a relief to know that you are not the only one with a problem of a broken heart. I appreciate the support and joy of your seminars!

Nick Morrison39 years

With the help of your book and blog articles I was able to find answers to many questions. It feels great to know what you want in life.

Anna Stone32 years